Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to port your actual fax number to an online fax service

Popfax assigns you a local fax number for receiving faxes in over 500  cities across more than 23 countries, and allows you to send faxes  worldwide. There is no difference between the digital fax number  provided by Popfax.com and a traditional fax number. If you already have  a fax number you can port it to Popfax.com

Already have a fax number? - Transfer it to the online fax service!
If  you already have a fax number you can port it to Popfax.com – thus you  will continue to receive faxes on your usual fax number.
You can both keep your fax number that you are accustomed to and benefit from all the advantages of a professional online fax service provided by Popfax.
If you intend to port your fax number, contact Popfax customer service via email support@popfax.com and subscribe to our Portability offer for only 140 EUR, that includes: 
  • 2 Years of Send & Receive Subscription with free and unlimited fax reception
  • Option pack activated for the whole duration
  • 100 fax pages to send
  • Free fax number portability
Thanks to Fax Number Portability you can transfer your fax number to the Popfax Service without interrupting fax communication and without the need to inform your customers of your new number.
The fax number portability is currently available in France, Spain, and the USA.
If it is not possible to port the existing number, you can get a new  fax number provided by Popfax and redirect faxes to your new Popfax  number, fully enjoying the Popfax service. Or, you can simply disconnect  your old fax number.