Send and receive faxes using your iPhone or iPad
The fax app for iOS Popcompanion is a handy tool for scanning and faxing documents from an iPhone or iPad to any national or international fax number, or to multiple fax numbers at once. Popfax built this application to bring a modern faxing experience to businesses and to help professionals stay connected to their colleagues and clients from anywhere, at any time.

Below there is a list of some of the key features in Popcompanion 1.7. Every iOS user can rank their importance by their usage experience.

Scan & fax documents within native Apple camera interface
iPhone and iPad users can scan documents using the familiar interface of their native Apple camera and fax them an once to any fax number.

Connection with Photo Library
The app is tightly integrated with other Apple products. Popcompanion 1.7 lets users choose images from their Photo Library and fax them right away. It is so intuitive to fax images that have previously been scanned and saved in the library.

Perspective Crop Tool
It enables users to isolate different planes within an image and crop to correct distortions caused by perspective.

Print faxes through Apple Wi-Fi printers
Wi-Fi Direct Printing allows users to print both sent and received faxes to Apple Wi-Fi printers without adding additional drivers or software on the Apple device, forming a peer-to-peer network between the device and the printer.

Advanced search and management of search results
The updated Popcompanion allows users to search faxes in folders as well as to make global search requests in the account: by content, contact name or contact number. The documents from search requests can be deleted, moved to other folders and forwarded directly, all from the search interface.

Drag-down function
This iOS-intuitive function refreshes manually the fax listing, to update changes and check for new faxes.

Offline Mode
The application allows users to create, modify and delete folders, transfer faxes to other folders, manage contacts and groups, send faxes and SMS through PopCompanion even without an Internet connection. PopCompanion 1.5 puts actions in a queue, waiting for the next network connection to synchronize. When the user returns online, the PopCompanion mobile application will automatically synchronize with the Popfax account.

This application can be downloaded from the App Store.

Fax App for Android from Popfax - is everything Android users need to efficiently organize their Internet fax and fax email communication. Users can now take advantage of all that Android can do with documents, images, smart folders and system browsing of specific online fax operations.

Popcompanion Mobile for Android allows to easily send and receive faxes or SMSs, to view, download and forward faxes to email or to another fax number, to personalize faxes with a cover page. The application provides different means of fax creation (including camera scan to fax) and an automatic synchronization of all fax transmissions prepared in offline mode .

Send by fax large and multiple documents
Users can fax large files of up to 8MB or attach 3 files at the same time.

Different ways to create faxes
Popcompanion 3.4 for Android supports numerous tools for of fax creation:
- browsing files from any section/folder on the Android device.
- importing files from Android Gallery.
- taking one or several pictures with the camera and then cropping, rotating and adjusting them before sending by fax.
The following file formats are supported by Popcompanion Mobile: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, ODT, ODS, SXW, ODP, PDF, PS, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, EPS, RTF, TXT

Offline mode
Popcompanion mobile for Android supports the offline mode. Users can log in to the application offline if they have already logged into the application once while in online. Enhancements that improve usability include:
- Users can queue faxes in offline for sending later when the network is available.
- Users can create contacts in offline mode.
- Users can cache files while in online to access them later while in offline.
OCR search functionality
Users with the OCR option enabled in their Popfax account can search the text in faxes.

Installing Popcompanion 3.4 for Android :
DOWNLOAD THE APP : Popcompanion Mobile for Android can be downloaded directly from the Google Play™ Store.
- Open the Google Play Store on your device.
- In the search bar, type the word Popcompanion or access the direct link.
- Download and install the app.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : The Popcompanion Mobile app supports devices running Android platform versions Android 2.1+
All interested in the PopCompanion mobile fax apps are welcome to let the Popfax team know what they think of the update by writing a comment on our Facebook page, or tweeting @Popfax.