Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The winner of Popfax Summer Contest

Popfax Summer Contest for customers took place in July-August 2012. The winner should provide the most memorable description or picture about "How Popfax helps them stay connected with their office this summer" that Popfax Marketing teams could reuse for our communication.

Popfax Summer Contest is over now and we are happy to announce that, after a few weeks of processing a wide variety of amazing pictures and descriptions about Popfax service, our marketing teams have chosen the winner.
Congratulations to to Jürgen Bühler, the winner of Popfax Summer Contest!
  • Prize: the new Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Winning entry: „Free like Seagulls! Thanks to Popfax service we are able to manage our affairs and interact with our customers, while enjoying the fresh sea air, on an island located 1000 km away from our office.”
  • Winning picture:
As we appreciated another description, we also award James Callaghan who demonstrated a kind feedback.
  • Prize: Popfax mug and lanyard
  • Winning entry: „Popfax connects my home office and my mobile office - on the train, in an airport, in a clients office - faxes, text messages - come rain or shine - always there always working. Fantastic.”
We thank all participants who shared with us their experience about remote work during summer holidays using our unified messaging solutions. The scope of the contest was to highlight the advantages of cloud based features (fax email, SMS, voice mail, conference calls, etc.) that allow business professionals to stay in touch with their offices from any place of the world. The winning description is an example of target achievement: using Popfax services, professionals can manage efficiently their business communication from everywhere (even 1000 km away from the office), whilst enjoying their summer leisure trip.